Le Bot 4.9 (NEW) (UPDATE)

Download : Via Mediafire
I can confirm this is 100% safe, HOWEVER use at your own risk!

Current features(press F2 to show):
Lag Killer;
Auto use boosts(XP, CP, Gold and Rep);
Trade Voucher for Diamond.
'Rest if HP is less than' button;
Get boosts(XP, CP, REP and GOLD);
Reject Drops;
Skip custscene;
Skill Editor;
Bot Manager;

Botting features:
1vs1 Trophies;
Alchemy Rep;
Arcangrove Rep;
Alchemy reagents;
Banished XP & Gold;
Combat Trophies;
Chronospan Rep;
Chunin Tokens;
Dark Crystal Shards Bot(I recommend you bot on a full server like Twilly or Cysero, otherwise killing Vath will be tough!);
Doomwood rep;
Dwakel Gold;
Dwarfhold rep;
Escherion Helm bot[member only];
Etherstorm Airstorm rep;
Etherstorm war rep;
Golden Dragon Spear;
Good & Evil + Tainted gem(requires rank 4 in both);
Horc rep;
Legion Exercise No.3;
Legion Insanely Insane bot;
Legion tokens(Soul Collector and non Soul Collector)(Screen Hopping added);
Lycan rep;
Mana Golem bot;
Mythsong rep;
Swag Tokens (Auto conversion to A added!)[member only];
Sandsea rep;
Skyguard Rep[member only];
Totems of Nulgath bot;
Troll Rep;
Troll + Horc;
Undead Pirates XP bot;
Vampire rep;
Yokai rep;

Supported Classes:
Pretty much all classes are supported.


Version 4.9 - 19/11/2012:
Added a top menu, for easy acess to all functions;
added a bot for the Golden Dragon Spear.
Credits: JamesR

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