Le bot 4.4 (NEW)

 can confirm this is 100% safe, HOWEVER use at your own risk!

Current features(press F2 to show):

Lag Killer;
Bot Manger(press F3 to open);
Bot Cloud(press F4 to open);
Auto use boosts(XP, CP, Gold and Rep);
Trade Voucher for Diamond.
'Rest if HP is less than' button;
Get boosts(XP, CP, REP and GOLD);
Load Quest;
Load Shop;
Minimize to tray;
Reject All Drops;
Botting features:

1vs1 Trophies;
Alchemy Rep;
Ancient Vitae;
Arcangrove Rep;
Alchemy reagents;
Banished XP & Gold;
Combat Trophies;
Chronospan Rep;
Dinocaves XP
Dark Crystal Shards Bot(I recommend you bot on a full server like Twilly or Cysero, otherwise killing Vath will be tough!);
Doomwood rep;
Dwakel Gold;
Dwarfhold rep;
Escherion Helm bot[member & non-member];
Etherstorm Airstorm rep;
Etherstorm war rep;
Evil War(nulgath & Dage, member & non-mem)[Sord pickup added];
Good & Evil + Tainted gem(requires rank 4 in both);
Horc rep;
Legion Exercise No. 3;
Legion Insanely Insane bot;
Legion tokens(Soul Collector and non Soul Collector)(Screen Hopping added);
Lycan rep;
Mana Golem bot;
Mythsong rep;
Spirit Orbs Bot;
Swag Tokens (Auto conversion to A added!)[member only];
Sandsea rep;
Skyguard Rep[member only];
Tainted Gems;
Totems of Nulgath bot[Member & non-Member];
Troll Rep;
Troll + Horc;
Undead Pirates XP bot;
Vampire rep;
Yokai rep;
Supported Classes:

■ Acolyte

■ Alpha Pirate

■ Assassin

■ Barber

■ Bard

■ Beast Warrior

■ Berserker

■ Beta Berserker

■ Blood Ancient

■ CardClasher

■ Chaos Shaper

■ Chronomancer

■ ClawSuit

■ Darkside

■ DeathKnight

■ Defender

■ DoomKnight

■DoomKnigh OverLord

■ Dragonlord

■ Dragonslayer

■ Elemental Dracomancer

■ Enforcer

■ Evolved ClawSuit

■Evolved Leprechaun

■ Evolved Shaman

■ Giftbox

■ Guardian

■ Healer

■ Leprechaun

■ Mage

■ MindBreaker

■ Necromancer

■ Ninja

■ Paladin

■Paladin High Lord

■ Pirate

■ Protosartorium

■ Pumpkin Lord

■ Pyromancer

■ Ranger

■ Renegade

■ Rogue

■ Rustbucket

■ Shaman

■ Skyguard Grenadier

■ Sorcerer

■ Starlord

■ Troll Spellsmith

■ UndeadSlayer

■ Vampire

■ Vindicator Of They

■ Warlord

■ Warrior

■ Witch

About the Bot Manager:

It's almost the same as Darkmystic's, and it should be compatible with most .dmbot's made for DM. Has an easy bot creation system included too! Of course, there are still some bugs, so if you see something strange, be sure to report!


Version 4.4 -- 17/09/12:

Fixed Auto Relogin;
3 new classes: Evo Leppy, DK OverLord and Paladin High Lord;
Legion Exercise No. 3 bot added;
Added an option to reject all drops.

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